Absolute Configuration and the Structure of Chlorophyll

  title={Absolute Configuration and the Structure of Chlorophyll},
  author={Ian Fleming},
  • I. Fleming
  • Published 14 October 1967
  • Chemistry
  • Nature
THE structure of chlorophyll is known in considerable detail. The correct gross structure was put forward by Hans Fischer1 and confirmed in a beautiful synthesis by R. B. Woodward2,3; the relative configuration of the methyl and propionic ester groups on ring D was shown to be trans by Ficken, Johns and Linstead4; the stereochemistry and absolute configuration of the phytyl group was shown by Burrell, Jackman and Weedon5,6 to be 2′-trans-7′R,11′R and the relative configuration at C10 was shown… 
The Crystal and Molecular Structure of Ethyl Chlorophyllide a.2H(2)O and Its Relationship to the Structure and Aggregation of Chlorophyll a.
  • C. Strouse
  • Chemistry
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
  • 1974
Determination of the crystal structure of ethyl chlorophyllide a.2H(2)O by single crystal x-ray diffraction techniques has provided the first detailed molecular structural data available for a
Chlorophylls, Symmetry, Chirality, and Photosynthesis
This review gives an overview of chlorophyll research in terms of basic function, biosynthesis and their functional and structural role in photosynthesis and highlights aspects of chirality and symmetry ofchlorophylls to elicit further interest in their role in nature.
Purification and Properties of Chlorophyllase from Ailanthus altissima ( Tree-of-Heaven ) 1 2
Chlorophyllase from Ailanthus alissima leaves has been purified 63-fold by a combination of heat treatment, ultracentrifugation, gel filtration, and chromatography on diethylaminoethyl cellulose.
Abstract—Photoreduction of protochlorophyll and a series of its derivatives (with gradual simplification of the structure) was studied in ascorbic acid‐propanol‐pyridine mixtures. Additions were
Molecular symmetry and exciton interaction in photosynthetic primary events
In this paper, the molecular details of the recently proposed energy upconversion theory of photosynthesis are reviewed. The primary light reactions are explained in terms of aC2 symmetrical
The total synthesis of chlorophyll a
Chlorophyll a, the major green pigment of the plant world, is certainly the most widespread and conspicuous of organic natural products. Few can be unaware of its decorative function, and all are
An asymmetric center at C-10 in chlorophyll a is determined and the potential optical activity is discussed and a slight levorotation in the near infrared was determined.
9 – Chlorophyll Biosynthesis


Sesquiterpenoids. Part VI. The stereochemistry of desmotroposantonin: X-ray analysis of 2-bromo-(–)-β-desmotroposantonin
From the results of a single-crystal X-ray analysis of 2-bromo-(–)-β-desmotroposantonin, we conclude that there is no change of configuration at C(11) during the formation of desmotroposantonin from
Zur weiteren Kenntnis des Chlorophylls und des Hämins, XIII. Darstellung der diastereomeren 10-Methoxy-(pyro)-methylphäophorbide a und Bestimmung der relativen Konfiguration am C-Atom 10
Aus Methylphaophorbid a (2a) konnten die am C-10 epimeren 10-Methoxy-methylphaophorbide a (3a und 3b) dargestellt und chromatographisch getrennt werden. Die Diastereomeren 3a und 3b wurden getrennt
Automation of Structure Analysis. Part II. Automation of the Evaluation
Evaluation methods which, owing to long computing times, can at present only be tested on relatively simple structures will become more attractive with the advent of machines with computing times in the nanosecond range.
Resolution of D,L-alpha-phenylethylamine: An introductory organic chemistry experiment
This experiment clarifies several of the concepts of optical isomerism and introduces the techniques of recrystallization, extraction, and distillation.
The total synthesis of chlorophyll
Chlorophyll a, the major green pigment of the plant world, is certainly the most widespread and conspicuous of organic natural products. Few can be unaware of its decorative function, and all are