Absence of zero-point entropy in a triangular Ising antiferromagnet.

  title={Absence of zero-point entropy in a triangular Ising antiferromagnet.},
  author={Yuesheng Li and S. Bachus and Yoshifumi Tokiwa and Alexander A. Tsirlin and Philipp Gegenwart},
Frustrated Ising magnets host exotic excitations, such as magnetic monopoles in spin ice. The ground state (GS) in this case is characterized by an extensive degeneracy and associated residual entropy going back to the pioneering work by G. Wannier who established large residual entropy of nearly 50%Rln2 per mole spins in a triangular Ising antiferromagnet (TIAF) already in 1950. Here, we endeavor to verify this result experimentally using TmMgGaO4, a novel rare-earth-based frustrated… 
Emergent Halperin-Saslow mode and Gauge Glass in quantum Ising magnet TmMgGaO$_4$
We propose quenched disorders could bring novel quantum excitations and models to certain quantum magnets. Motivated by the recent experiments on the quantum Ising magnet TmMgGaO$_4$, we explore the
Spin liquids in geometrically perfect triangular antiferromagnets.
This brief review juxtapose recent theoretical developments that trace the parameter regime of the spin-liquid phase with experimental results for Co-based and Yb-based triangular antiferromagnets, and the notion of a geometrically perfect triangular system is scrutinized.
Intertwined dipolar and multipolar order in the triangular-lattice magnet TmMgGaO4
It is shown that TmMgGaO4 has multipolar order that can be inferred by inelastic neutron scattering and modeled by transverse field Ising model, and it is demonstrated that the observed unusual spin correlations and thermodynamics can be accurately described by a transverseField Ising models on the triangular lattice with an intertwined dipolar and ferro-multipolar order.
Intrinsic transverse field in frustrated quantum Ising magnets: Physical origin and quantum effects
Transverse field Ising model is a common model in quantum magnetism and is often illustrated as an example for quantum phase transition. Its physical origin in quantum magnets, however, is actually
Rearrangement of Uncorrelated Valence Bonds Evidenced by Low-Energy Spin Excitations in YbMgGaO_{4}.
It is argued that such a hierarchy of magnetic excitations may be a universal feature of quantum spin liquids and extend this picture to herbertsmithite, the spin-liquid candidate on the kagome lattice.
The Ghost of a Vanishing Stripe Order in the Triangular Quantum Ising Magnet TmMgGaO$_4$.
Frustrated magnets host the promises of material realizations of new paradigm of quantum matter. However, due to their strongly correlated nature, direct comparison of unbiased model calculations