Absence of zero-field-cooled exchange bias effect in single crystalline La2−xAx CoMnO6 (A=Ca,Sr) compounds

  title={Absence of zero-field-cooled exchange bias effect in single crystalline 
  author={C. Macchiutti and J. R. Jesus and F. B. Carneiro and Leandro Bufaiçal and Monica Ciomaga Hatnean and G. Balakrishnan and E. M. Bittar},
  journal={Physical Review Materials},
Magnetic properties of A2BB'O6 (A = rare or alkaline earth ions; B,B' = transition metal ions) double perovskites are of great interest due to their potential spintronic applications. Particularly fascinating is the zero field cooled exchange bias (ZEB) effect observed for the hole doped La2-xAxCoMnO6 polycrystalline samples. In this work we synthesize La2CoMnO6, La1.5Ca0.5CoMnO6, and La1.5Sr0.5CoMnO6 single crystals by the floating zone method and study their magnetic behavior. The three… 

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