Absence of detectable PML-RARα fusion transcripts in long-term remission patients after BMT for acute promyelocytic leukemia

  title={Absence of detectable PML-RARα fusion transcripts in long-term remission patients after BMT for acute promyelocytic leukemia},
  author={Jos{\'e} Rom{\'a}n and Carmen Mart{\'i}n and Antonio Torres and Ma Guadalupe Garc{\'i}a Jim{\'e}nez and Pedro Andr{\'e}s and Raja Flores and M. J. de la Torre and Joaquin Susmozas S{\'a}nchez and Josefina Serrano and Mar{\'i}a Falc{\'o}n},
  journal={Bone Marrow Transplantation},
Twenty patients with APL in long-term remission after BMT were analyzed for the presence of the PML-RARα x fusion gene by RT-PCR. Ten patients had undergone autologous BMT (six of them peripheral blood stem cell transplantation) and 10 allogeneic BMT. A total of 60 samples were examined by two different protocols. Of the eight patients studied just before conditioning, five showed PML-RARα transcript prior to transplantation. Three of them were in CR and became PCR negative early post… CONTINUE READING
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