Absence of B7-dependent responses in CD28-deficient mice.

  title={Absence of B7-dependent responses in CD28-deficient mice.},
  author={Jaime M Green and Patricia J. Noel and Anne I. Sperling and Theresa L. Walunas and Gary S. Gray and Jeffrey A Bluestone and Craig B Thompson},
  volume={1 6},
Costimulation of T cell proliferation can occur through the CD28 signal transduction pathway. In addition, other cell surface receptors, including the CD28 homolog CTLA-4, have been proposed to be capable of providing costimulatory signals. We have examined the response of CD28-deficient T cells to activation by a variety of agonists. We demonstrate that proliferation of CD28-deficient T cells in the presence of antigen-presenting cells or B7-1 transfectants is markedly reduced. Although CTLA-4… CONTINUE READING

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