Abscisic Acid Synthesis in Acer rubrum L . Leaves — A Vapor-pressure-de fi cit-mediated Response

  title={Abscisic Acid Synthesis in Acer rubrum L . Leaves — A Vapor-pressure-de fi cit-mediated Response},
  author={William L. Bauerle},
Quantitative differences in leaf abscisic acid (ABA) among Acer rubrum L. (red maple) ecotypes were investigated. This study tested the hypothesis that seedlings from wet and dry maternal sites display distinctly different capacities to synthesize ABA in response to atmospheric vapor pressure defi cits. The increased levels of ABA in leaf tissue in the red maple ecotypes were associated with atmospheric vapor pressure defi cit (VPD). Leaves on well-watered plants responded to VPD by increasing… CONTINUE READING


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