Abscesos hepáticos: ¿es la punción-aspiración simple con control ecográfico una alternativa al drenaje con catéter?

  title={Abscesos hep{\'a}ticos: ¿es la punci{\'o}n-aspiraci{\'o}n simple con control ecogr{\'a}fico una alternativa al drenaje con cat{\'e}ter?},
  author={P Rend{\'o}nUnceta and Mac{\'i}as Rodr{\'i}guez Ma and F CorreroAguilar and Prieto Garc{\'i}a Jl and F D{\'i}azGarc{\'i}a and L Mart{\'i}nHerrera},
Abstract Percutaneous drainage is currently the treatment of choice in liver abscess. The most commonly used technique is catheter placement but this procedure is not free of complications. To analyze the safety and efficacy of needle aspiration in the treatment of liver abscesses. Non-random, prospective study of nine patients with pyogenic liver abscess who underwent simple needle aspiration with sonographic guidance. In all patients, aspiration identified the etiologic agent. In eight… CONTINUE READING