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Abrupt Climate Change Happens in Few Years High-Resolution Greenland Ice Core Data

  title={Abrupt Climate Change Happens in Few Years High-Resolution Greenland Ice Core Data},
  author={J. Steffensen and K. Andersen and M. Bigler and H. Clausen and D. Dahl-Jensen and H. Fischer and K. Goto-Azuma and M. Hansson and S. Johnsen and J. Jouzel and V. Masson-Delmotte and T. Popp and S. O. Rasmussen and R. Röthlisberger and U. Ruth and B. Stauffer and {\'A}. Sveinbj{\"o}rnsd{\'o}ttir and A. Svensson},
  • J. Steffensen, K. Andersen, +15 authors A. Svensson
  • Published 2008
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