Above and Below the Water: Social/Ecological Transformation in Northwest Newfoundland

  title={Above and Below the Water: Social/Ecological Transformation in Northwest Newfoundland},
  author={Lawrence C. Hamilton and Richard L. Haedrich and Cynthia M. Duncan},
  journal={Population and Environment},
Marine fisheries and fishing societies develop around the resources provided by a particular ecosystem. As they exploit these resources, fisheries transform the ecosystem, which pushes fishery and society to adapt in turn. This process is illustrated by fisheries, ecological and social data tracking dramatic changes on Newfoundland's Northern Peninsula and its adjacent marine ecosystem, the northern Gulf of St. Lawrence. There a longstanding fishery for cod and other groundfish collapsed in the… 

A review of adaptation options in fisheries management to support resilience and transition under socio-ecological change

Social-ecological systems dependent on fisheries must be resilient or adapt to remain viable in the face of change. Here, we identified possible interventions (termed “adaptation options”) from

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The Science of Doom: Modeling the Future

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This chapter discusses how the models used to understand the future are built, what they are for, what they tell us, and what their limits are in warning us about collapses to come. It includes a