About the cover: Sophie Germain and a problem in number theory

  title={About the cover: Sophie Germain and a problem in number theory},
  author={Gerald L. Alexanderson},
  journal={Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society},
  • G. Alexanderson
  • Published 1 May 2012
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  • Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society
Marie-Sophie Germain (1776–1831), a largely self-educated French mathematician, for many years has been known for her early work in number theory and also for her work in physics, where she studied vibrating plates and Chladni figures as well as related questions in the theory of elasticity. Though much of her work in number theory was on Fermat’s Last Theorem, she, of course, failed to prove it. But recently examined manuscripts and letters have revealed that between 1816 and 1819 she went… 
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