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About one class polynomial problems with not polynomial certificates

  title={About one class polynomial problems with not polynomial certificates},
  author={B. S. Kochkarev},
We build a class of polynomial problems with not polynomial certificates. The parameter concerning which are defined efficiency of corresponding algorithms is the number n of elements of the set has used at construction of combinatory objects (families of subsets) with necessary properties. 
Proof of the hypothesis Edmonds's, not polynomial of NPC-problems and classification of the problems with polynomial certificates
It is shown that all the $NP$-complete problems is not polynomial and the classification of the problems with thePolynomial certificates is given.
Problem of Recognition of Hamiltonian Graph
The author proposes an efficient algorithm for solving the problem of finding in combinatorial set of element with an easily recognizable property and proves the criterion of polynomiality of the formulated problem.
On One Class of Undirected Graph
Introduced the concept of polynomial combinatorial sets in enumerative combinatorics and formulates the problem of finding some element with an easily recognized symptom among elements of a


Admissible values of one parameter for maximal Sperner families of subsets of the type (k, k + 1)
AbstractIn this paper we generalize one assertion (obtained by us earlier) on admissible values of a certain parameter for partial maximal Sperner families (m. S. f.) of subsets of a finite set of
Introduction to Algorithms
Gipoteza J.Edmondsa i problema S.A.Kuka
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Prilojenie monotonnykh funktsij algebry logiki k probleme Kuka, Nauka v Vuzakh: matematika, fizika, informatika, Tezisy dokladov Mejdunarodnoj nauchno-obrazovatelnoj konferentsii,2009,pp.274-275
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Structure Properties of a Certain Class of Maximal Sperner Families of Subsets, Russian Mathematics (Iz.VUZ
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Structural Properties of One Class of Maximal Sperner Families of Subsets of a Finite Set
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V . Vvedenie v diskretnuju matematiku
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Paths, Trees, and Flowers
A graph G for purposes here is a finite set of elements called vertices and a finite set of elements called edges such that each edge meets exactly two vertices, called the end-points of the edge. An