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About Micro-Typography and the hz-program

  title={About Micro-Typography and the hz-program},
  author={Hermann Zapf},
  journal={Electron. Publ.},
  • H. Zapf
  • Published 1993
  • Art
  • Electron. Publ.
Desktop publishing has changed the production of books in recent years. For the first time the author has the possibilityof preparing and influencing the design of his text. A publisher will not always be happy about this, especially if the author does not want to follow the strict rules of the publishing house which it may have followed for years. But everybody should welcome this new method of collaboration between author and publisher. What the author needs is a simple set of precise… 

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A wax base makeup composition primarily for use by children in creating various disguises. The composition consists essentially of from 85 to 92% of amber microcrystalline wax intimately admixed with


Royal Designer for Industry, London. Honorary member of 23 graphic societies and institutions in Germany
  • Royal Designer for Industry, London. Honorary member of 23 graphic societies and institutions in Germany
Vice President, Design Processing International Inc
  • Vice President, Design Processing International Inc
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