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About Face: Asian Accounts of Australia

  title={About Face: Asian Accounts of Australia},
  author={Alison E Broinowski},
Australia's Ambivalent Re-imagining of Asia
This article argues that ‘Asia’ has tended to function as an ambivalent ‘sign’ in Australian political discourse, signifying both fear and hope. That ambivalence is reflected in Australian governmentExpand
Questions of Community: Australian Identity and Asian Change
Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's 2008 proposal for an Asia-Pacific community, while ambitious and likely to be resisted by many in the East Asian region, raises important concerns about Asia'sExpand
The Cultural Turn in International Aid
There exists a high volume of literature on international aid , yet few academic publications focus specifically on culture and international aid. This is particularly problematic, as the lack ofExpand
‘Think imperially’: Indian journalists’ goodwill visits to White Australia, 1927 and 1947
  • A. Sarwal
  • Political Science
  • Asian Ethnicity
  • 2019
ABSTRACT Academic research on the White Australia Policy has spanned the history of Asian migration and policy-making initiatives in Australia. However, the role of popular transnational media imagesExpand
Australia’s Ambivalent Engagement with Asia
This chapter explores the challenges that Australia’s PD faces in shaping positive perceptions among Asian foreign publics. An examination of data from over 40 recorded interviews allows identifyingExpand
Australian press constructions of the 2002 Bali bombing: differing imaginings of the nation and its place in the world
The thesis undertakes a detailed textual analysis of the coverage of the 2002 Bali bombing in three Australian newspapers. It compares two Sydney newspapers the tabloid Daily Telegraph and theExpand
Chinese electronics see the world
This chapter is concerned with how Chinese electronic products have been introduced into Australia by new Chinese migrants through a company initially called Pebble Electronics, and then Conia, theExpand
Affective Intensities in Extreme Music Scenes: Cases from Australia and Japan
endorsing or planning coursework/other institutional needs. You may store and print the file and share it with others helping you with the specified purpose, but under no circumstances may the fileExpand
Realising Australia's international education as public diplomacy
Australia's international education serves as public diplomacy, essentially engaging and influencing public audiences in ways that progress Australian foreign policy priorities and nationalExpand