Abortion and the concept of a person.

  title={Abortion and the concept of a person.},
  author={J. English},
  journal={Canadian journal of philosophy},
  volume={5 2},
  • J. English
  • Published 1975
  • Philosophy, Medicine
  • Canadian journal of philosophy
  • Liberals, on the other hand, are just as mistaken in their argument that since a fetus does not become a person until birth, a woman may do whatever she pleases in and to her own body. First, you cannot do as you please with your own body if it affects other people adversely.1 Second, if a fetus is not a person, that does not imply that you can do to it anything you wish. Animals, for example, are not persons, yet to kill or torture them for no reason at all is wrong. At the center of the storm… CONTINUE READING

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