Abortion and the Constitution: the need for a life-protective amendment.

  title={Abortion and the Constitution: the need for a life-protective amendment.},
  author={Robert A. Destro},
  journal={California law review},
  volume={63 5},
  • R. Destro
  • Published 1 September 1975
  • Law
  • California law review
As a result of the recent congressional hearings held on proposed constitutional amendments designed to overturn the rulings of the United States Supreme Court concerning abortion, the abortion controversy has once again become a major topic of public interest. The author seeks to identify the two distinct areas of debate involved in the issue and to discuss, in particular, the central topic raised by many of the proposals-the rights of the unborn. It is a misfortune if a judge reads his… 

Abortion and the Right to Life in the International Bibliography

In this chapter, the authors examine abortion and the right to life in the international bibliography. The touchstone of our discussion is the landmark decision, Roe v Wade, which relied on the 14th

Defending Life: A Moral and Legal Case against Abortion Choice

Part I. Moral Reasoning, Law, and Politics: 1. Abortion and moral argument 2. The Supreme Court, Roe v. Wade, and abortion law 3. Abortion, liberalism, and the neutral state Part II. Assessing the

Los Grandes Rechazos de la Sentencia Roe v. Wade

The article ends with a look at the fundamental reason of Roe v. Wade, which is not so much that the decision has a false concept of nascent human life as that it fails to seek any concept whatsoever and thus lacks the foundation of all rational argument.

Reconciling Originalism and Precedent

Originalism is often thought, by both its advocates and its critics, to be inconsistent with precedent. This Article challenges this common view of originalism and argues that nothing in the

Target – the Elderly: A Nondiscrimination Perspective on Daniel Callahan's Setting Limits

To a reader who is reasonably well informed about the medical, legal, and social ramifications of limiting access to health care, Setting Limits is intriguing and frustrating because it represents a serious attempt to grapple with one of the most difficult bioethical and legal dilemm/lS facing the authors' society.

A Comprehensive Analysis of Roe V. Wade and its Legality in Respect to Scientific and Christian Perspectives

This book discusses abortion from a Christian Perspective and the Stigma Associated with Abortion, as well as analyzing Roe v. Wade and its implications.

Webster and the future of substantive due process.



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