Abortion and Islam: Policies and Practice in the Middle East and North Africa

  title={Abortion and Islam: Policies and Practice in the Middle East and North Africa},
  author={Leila Hessini},
  journal={Reproductive Health Matters},
  pages={75 - 84}
  • L. Hessini
  • Published 1 January 2007
  • Political Science, Medicine
  • Reproductive Health Matters
The Limits of the Law: Abortion in the Middle East and North Africa.
In Sudan’s Islamist state, abortion is politicized through its association with illegal pregnancy. Fornication is a crime against God punishable with 100 lashes, and pregnancy outside a marriage
Abortion in the Middle East and North Africa.
This policy brief explores the public health concerns surrounding abortion in MENA and discusses ways to make it both rarer and safer.
Abortion from an Islamic Perspective: Permission and Prohibition Positions
Abortion is a common controversial ethical issue among humanists, feminists, liberals, and religious groups worldwide. Many countries permit induced abortion, or the deliberate termination of
Perceptions, interpretations and implications of abortions: A qualitative enquiry among the legal community of Pakistan
To facilitate access of women to abortion and related care, the knowledge of the existing law among legal professionals must improve and the implications of abortion for maternal health and its repercussions on a community governed by the Islamic dogmas must be publicised.
Abortion in Turkey: women in rural areas and the law.
This estimate is a global estimate, combining countries where abortion is safe and legal with those where it is restricted and often unsafe, and in low-income countries, women have an average of one unsafe abortion during their reproductive lives.
Perspectives on induced abortion among Palestinian women: religion, culture and access in the occupied Palestinian territories
This study was designed to elicit the views of Palestinian women on induced abortion given the unique religious, ethical and social challenges in the OPT to work towards a legal and medical framework in Palestine that would allow for safe abortions for women in need.
Abortion Around the World: An Overview of Legislation, Measures, Trends, and Consequences
Abstract:Following the May 2018 Irish referendum largely in favour of abortion, only two European countries, Malta and Andorra, still do not give women the right to decide to end a pregnancy in the
The Politicization of Abortion and Hippocratic Disobedience in Islamist Sudan
In Sudan’s Islamist state, abortion is politicized through its association with illegal pregnancy, and many doctors, honoring the Hippocratic oath, disobey state policy and refrain from reporting such crimes to the police to protect unmarried and vulnerable women from prosecution.
Islam and Women's Reproductive and Sexual Rights in the MENA Region
Muslim women are frequently portrayed as the victims of an oppressive, patriarchal religion (Bartelink and Buitelaar, 2006, p.352), and there exists a popular belief in the Western world that Islam
Religion and family planning
This paper presents the teachings of the most widespread religions in Europe with regard to contraception and reproduction and suggests that understanding these differences may result in more culturally competent delivery of care by health care providers.


Abortion in Islamic countries--legal and religious aspects.
A study of three Muslim states demonstrates three different approaches toward legalizing abortion--a conservative approach, a more lenient approach, and a liberal one--all within Islamic oriented states, leading to a conclusion that a more liberal attitude regarding abortion is possible in Islamic states, as long as traditional principles are taken into account.
Buying safety: the economics of reproductive risk and abortion in Egypt.
Abortion in Turkey: a matter of state, family or individual decision.
Unsafe abortion: Global and regional estimates of the incidence of unsafe abortion and associated mortality in 2008. Sixth edition.
This sixth edition of the WHO Global and regional estimates of unsafe abortion and associated mortality is intended for policy-makers and programme managers health workers and nongovernmental
Abortion services in two public sector hospitals in Istanbul Turkey: how well do they meet womens needs?
Overall women at Sisli where family planning and abortion services were more integrated expressed greater satisfaction with their experience than women who attended Bakirkoy hospital, which indicated that Bak Kirkoy appeared to give a much more acceptable service in terms of post-abortion pain and bleeding.
Women and sexuality in muslim societies
WOMEN AND SEXUALITY IN MUSLIM SOCIETIES Pinar Ilkkaracan, ed. New York: Women for Human Rights (WWHR), 2000; 455 pp. A discussion of women's sexuality in Muslim societies begs for compliance with an