Abortion Rights along the Irish-English Border and the Liminality of Women’s Experiences

  title={Abortion Rights along the Irish-English Border and the Liminality of Women’s Experiences},
  author={Alyssa Best},
  journal={Dialectical Anthropology},
  • Alyssa Best
  • Published 1 September 2005
  • History
  • Dialectical Anthropology
My research in European abortion laws and restrictions focuses on the migration of thousands of Irish women who travel to England each year to access safe and legal abortion services. This article is an investigation of the Irish-English border as a symbol for reproductive freedom and the new value systems in which Irish women participate when they cross its boundary. I provide a brief history of abortion law in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland and emphasize a specific case in which… 

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It is argued that moral conservatism in Ireland, north and south, has contributed to the restricted access to abortion, impacting on the experience of thousands of women, resulting in these individuals becoming ‘abortion tourists’.

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Induced abortion is a worldwide practice and its legalisation is a persistent demand of the women’s movement. Although in the academic literature there are numerous studies that address the study of

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