Abolitionist feminism as patriarchal control: Swedish understandings of prostitution and trafficking

  title={Abolitionist feminism as patriarchal control: Swedish understandings of prostitution and trafficking},
  author={Jay S. Levy and Pye Jakobsson},
  journal={Dialectical Anthropology},
In this special issue, we note some recurrent themes in international political and discursive engagement with a moral panic concerning human trafficking, notably a conflation of forced and free prostitution, alongside calls to abolish the sex industry through a criminalisation of the purchase of sex. We here specifically examine Sweden’s sex purchase criminalisation, with Sweden being the first state globally to legislate according to this call. Proclaimed as a measure to attack demand for… Expand
Sweden’s abolitionist discourse and law: Effects on the dynamics of Swedish sex work and on the lives of Sweden’s sex workers
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Prostitution Policy (Sweden; Germany; Victoria; China; Netherlands) and its connection to the HIV / AIDS Prevention and Control Program in Indonesia
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Innocent White Victims and Fallen Black Girls: Race, Sex Work, and the Limits of Anti–Sex Trafficking Laws
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