Abolished angiogenicity and tumorigenicity of rat glioma by 1-naphthalenemonosulfonate

  title={Abolished angiogenicity and tumorigenicity of rat glioma by 1-naphthalenemonosulfonate},
  author={Pedro Pablo Cuevas and Fernando Carceller and Diana Diaz and Dieter Reimers and Guillermo Gim{\'e}nez-Gallego},
  journal={Neuroscience Letters},
Suramins and suradistas, an important group of potential anti-cancer agents, inhibit fibroblast growth factor (FGF) mitogenic activity. It has been shown that naphthalenesulfonates, with a common chemical function to the family of suramins and suradistas, mimic their inhibitory activity, abolishing FGF-induced angiogenesis in vivo, and inducing apoptosis of C6 glioma cells in culture. In the present report, we show that intratumoral administration of 1-naphthalenemonosulfonate induces a… CONTINUE READING