Abnormalities in CNS monoamine metabolism in anorexia nervosa.

  title={Abnormalities in CNS monoamine metabolism in anorexia nervosa.},
  author={Walter H. Kaye and M. Ebert and Michael J. Raleigh and Ralph Lake},
  journal={Archives of general psychiatry},
  volume={41 4},
Patients with anorexia nervosa have disturbances of mood, appetite, and neuroendocrine function. Central nervous system monoamine pathways modulate these systems, and alterations in function of these systems may occur in anorexia nervosa. Because monoamine metabolism can be influenced by nutritional intake, we studied anorectics before and at intervals after correction of weight loss. Underweight anorectics had a 30% decrease in CSF homovanillic acid level and a 20% decrease in CSF 5… CONTINUE READING