Abnormal urinary protein excretion in HIV-infected patients.

  title={Abnormal urinary protein excretion in HIV-infected patients.},
  author={Paul L. Kimmel and Walter O Umana and J. E. Paz y A. Bosch},
  journal={Clinical nephrology},
  volume={39 1},
HIV infection has been associated with a variety of renal diseases, although the pathogenesis of such dysfunction is unknown. To determine whether HIV-infection is associated with glomerular permeability defects, and if so, the prevalence of the finding, we studied patients with various stages of HIV infection. Urine samples from 505 outpatients with HIV infection (without hypertension, azotemia, or dipstick proteinuria), 41 normal controls and 40 febrile non-HIV positive, hospitalized patients… CONTINUE READING


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