Abnormal ryanodine receptor function in heart failure.

  title={Abnormal ryanodine receptor function in heart failure.},
  author={Masafumi Yano and Takeshi Yamamoto and Noriaki Ikemoto and Masunori Matsuzaki},
  journal={Nihon yakurigaku zasshi. Folia pharmacologica Japonica},
  volume={126 6},
The abnormally regulated release of Ca2+ from an intracellular Ca2+ store, the sarcoplasmic reticulum (SR), is the mechanism underlying contractile and relaxation dysfunctions in heart failure (HF). According to recent reports, protein kinase A (PKA)-mediated hyperphosphorylation of ryanodine receptor (RyR) in the SR has been shown to cause the dissociation of FK506 binding protein (FKBP) 12.6 from the RyR in heart failure. This causes an abnormal Ca2+ leak through the Ca2+ channel located in… CONTINUE READING