Abnormal neutrophil chemotaxis in Gaucher disease.

  title={Abnormal neutrophil chemotaxis in Gaucher disease.},
  author={Memet Aker and Ari Zimran and Aya Abrahamov and Mary Horowitz and Yaacov Matzner},
  journal={British journal of haematology},
  volume={83 2},
The tendency towards infection described in Gaucher disease patients has been attributed to their post-splenectomy state. We noticed that certain patients with intact spleen have also suffered from recurrent pyogenic infections, thus an attempt to study their neutrophil function has been made. Nine of 29 patients studied expressed significant decrease in neutrophil chemotaxis directed towards zymosan activated serum or N-formyl-methionyl-leucyl-phenylalanine. Random migration was significantly… CONTINUE READING