Abnormal fetal heart rate patterns and placental inflammation.

  title={Abnormal fetal heart rate patterns and placental inflammation.},
  author={Carolyn M. Salafia and H E Mangam and C A Weigl and Gerard Foye and Lior Silberman},
  journal={American journal of obstetrics and gynecology},
  volume={160 1},
Can acute inflammation in the placental membranes, amniotic fluid, or both, predispose to the development of abnormal fetal heart rate patterns? One hundred cases in which bradycardia was noted were compared with 48 cases in which abnormal fetal heart rate patterns did not occur. Case and control subjects were matched to provide an equivalent risk of developing ascending infection in the two groups. Fetoplacental weight ratio and the presence of other placental diseases were also considered… CONTINUE READING