Abnormal excitatory neurotransmitter metabolism in schizophrenic brains.

  title={Abnormal excitatory neurotransmitter metabolism in schizophrenic brains.},
  author={Guochuan Emil Tsai and L A Passani and Barbara S Slusher and Rick Carter and Lee Baer and Joel Edward Kleinman and Joseph T Coyle},
  journal={Archives of general psychiatry},
  volume={52 10},
BACKGROUND Schizophrenia has been hypothesized to be caused by a hypofunction of glutamatergic neurons. Findings of reduced concentrations of glutamate in the cerebrospinal fluid of patients with schizophrenia and the ability of glutamate-receptor antagonists to cause psychotic symptoms lend support to this hypothesis. N-acetylaspartylglutamate (NAAG), a neuropeptide that is highly concentrated in glutamatergic neurons, antagonizes the effects of glutamate at N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors… CONTINUE READING


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