Abnormal desmoglein expression by squamous cell carcinoma cells.

  title={Abnormal desmoglein expression by squamous cell carcinoma cells.},
  author={Hiroko Harada and K Iwatsuki and Mikio Ohtsuka and G W Han and Fumio Kaneko},
  journal={Acta dermato-venereologica},
  volume={76 6},
Abnormal expression of cell adhesion molecules and related proteins has been observed in various carcinoma cells. We compared expression patterns of desmosomal cadherins, E-cadherin, and cytoplasmic plaque proteins of four different human squamous cell carcinoma cell lines and in vivo squamous cell carcinoma cells with those of normal human keratinocytes. Unlike normal human keratinocytes, the squamous cell carcinoma cells, both in culture and in vivo, exhibited diminished or unusual expression… CONTINUE READING