Abnormal conditions of the equine descending (small) colon: 102 cases (1979-1989).

  title={Abnormal conditions of the equine descending (small) colon: 102 cases (1979-1989).},
  author={Andrew J. Dart and Jack R. Snyder and John R Pascoe and Thomas Buseck Farver and Larry D. Galuppo},
  journal={Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association},
  volume={200 7},
The signalment, clinical and laboratory findings of surgical conditions, treatment, and outcome of 102 cases of descending colon disease in horses were reviewed. Abnormal conditions were categorized as enteroliths, impactions, strangulating lipomas, fecaliths, foreign body obstruction, volvulus, nephrosplenic entrapment, and other conditions. Eleven breed categories of horses were seen during this period. Arabians, ponies, and American miniature horses were more predisposed to descending colon… CONTINUE READING