Abnormal EEG synchronisation in heavily drinking students

  title={Abnormal EEG synchronisation in heavily drinking students},
  author={Eveline Astrid de Bruin and Suzanne Bijl and Cornelis J. Stam and Koen B. E. B{\"o}cker and Marinus Nicholaas Verbaten},
  journal={Clinical Neurophysiology},
OBJECTIVE In alcoholics, grey and white brain matter is damaged. In addition, functional brain connectivity as measured by EEG coherence is abnormal. We investigated whether heavily drinking students, although drinking for a shorter period than alcoholics, already show differences in functional connectivity compared to light-drinking controls. METHODS EEG was recorded in 11 light and 11 heavy male student drinkers during eyes closed, and eyes closed plus mental rehearsal of pictures… CONTINUE READING

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