Abiotic source of reactive organic halogens in the sub-arctic atmosphere?

  title={Abiotic source of reactive organic halogens in the sub-arctic atmosphere?},
  author={Lucy J Carpenter and J Richard Hopkins and Charlotte E Jones and Alastair C. Lewis and Rajendran Parthipan and David J Wevill and Laurier Poissant and Martin Pilote and Philippe Constant},
  journal={Environmental science & technology},
  volume={39 22},
Recent theoretical studies indicate that reactive organic iodocarbons such as CH2I2 would be extremely effective agents for tropospheric Arctic ozone depletion and that iodine compounds added to a Br2/BrCl mixture have a significantly greater ozone (and mercury) depletion effect than additional Br2 and BrCl molecules. Here we report the first observations of CH2I2, CH2IBr, and CH2ICl in Arctic air, as well as other reactive halocarbons including CHBr3, during spring at Kuujjuarapik, Hudson Bay… CONTINUE READING
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