Abiotic elicitation of Trifolium pratense L. suspension culture.

  title={Abiotic elicitation of Trifolium pratense L. suspension culture.},
  author={Marie Ka{\vs}parov{\'a} and Tom{\'a}{\vs} Siatka and J L Dusek},
  journal={Ceska a Slovenska farmacie : casopis Ceske farmaceuticke spolecnosti a Slovenske farmaceuticke spolecnosti},
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Important substances of secondary metabolism include flavonoids and isoflavonoids. The Trifolium pratense L. (Fabacae) suspension culture is characterized by low production of these metabolites and therefore we tried to influence the production output with elicitation. From their origin point of view, the elicitors are divided into two groups - biotic and abiotic. The latter group includes, for instance, the salts of heavy metals. Our work was aimed at observing the effect of the copper… CONTINUE READING