Ability of sextant biopsies to predict radical prostatectomy stage.

  title={Ability of sextant biopsies to predict radical prostatectomy stage.},
  author={Marcia L. Wills and Jurga Sauvageot and Alan W. Partin and Robin T Gurganus and Jonathan I. Epstein},
  volume={51 5},
OBJECTIVES There are few studies evaluating multiple variables on sextant biopsies with the intent to predict stage in radical prostatectomy specimens. METHODS We studied 113 sextant biopsies with corresponding totally submitted radical prostatectomy specimens. Variables evaluated on sextant biopsies included total length and percent of cancer; maximum length and percent of cancer on one core; location (apex, mid, base); bilaterality; Gleason grade; number of cores involved; serum prostate… CONTINUE READING

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