Ability of multicellular salt glands in Tamarix species to secrete Na+ and K+ selectively

  title={Ability of multicellular salt glands in Tamarix species to secrete Na+ and K+ selectively},
  author={Haiyan Ma and Changyan Tian and Gu Feng and JunFeng Yuan},
  journal={Science China Life Sciences},
The present study aimed to determine the mechanism of cation-selective secretion by multicellular salt glands. Using a hydroponic culture system, the secretion and accumulation of Na+ and K+ in Tamarix ramosissima and T. laxa under different salt stresses (NaCl, KCl and NaCl+KCl) were studied. Additionally, the effects of salt gland inhibitors (orthovanadate, Ba2+, ouabain, tetraethylammonium (TEA) and verapamil) on Na+ and K+ secretion and accumulation were examined. Treatment with NaCl (at 0… CONTINUE READING
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