Abietane diterpenes from the cones of Cedrus atlantica.


Five new abietanes, three of them isolated as the corresponding acetate derivatives, i.e., 9alpha,13alpha-epidioxiabiet-8(14)-en-18-ol, 7alpha,18-diacetoxy, 9beta,13beta-epidioxiabiet-8(14)-ene, 7alpha,18-diacetoxyabiet-8(14)-en-13beta-ol, 7alpha,18-diacetoxy-13beta-methoxyabiet-8(14)-ene, and 13beta-hydroxyabiet-8(14)-en-7-one, were isolated from the neutral part of the hexane extract of the cones of Cedrus atlantica collected in Middle Atlas, Morocco. The structures of these compounds were established by spectroscopic techniques, including 2D NMR spectra, and in the case of 1, by chemical correlation. The cytotoxicity of these abietane diterpenoids was tested against five cell lines.

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