Aberrant insulinoma in the duodenum.

  title={Aberrant insulinoma in the duodenum.},
  author={Keiko Miyazaki and Akihiro Funakoshi and Shoko Nishihara and Taro Wasada and Akitoshi Koga and Hiroshi Ibayashi},
  volume={90 5 Pt 1},
A rare case of aberrant insulinoma in the duodenum is described. Hyperinsulinemia with typical hypoglycemic symptoms was induced by prolonged fasting. Selective angiography demonstrated a tumor supplied from the first branch of the jejunal artery, and duodenoscopy revealed a submucosal tumor at the third portion of the duodenum. An increase in venous plasma immunoreactive insulin concentration was evident in the vein draining from the tumor, by sampling through percutaneous transhepatic… CONTINUE READING

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