Aberrant expression of T-plastin in Sezary cells.

  title={Aberrant expression of T-plastin in Sezary cells.},
  author={Ming-wan Su and Irene R Dorocicz and Wieslawa H. Dragowska and Vincent V Ho and Gang Li and Nicolas Voss and Randy D. Gascoyne and Youwen Zhou},
  journal={Cancer research},
  volume={63 21},
Mycosis fungoides (MF) and its leukemic variant, Sezary syndrome (SS), are the most common cutaneous T-cell lymphomas, with a combined incidence of 0.36 of 100,000 person-years. Although thought to be closely related to mature T-helper cells, the true nature of the cancer cells in MF/SS is unknown. In addition, there is no known specific marker for MF/SS cancer cells, which can result in difficulties in the diagnosis and treatment. To identify MF/SS-specific markers, Sezary cancer cells were… CONTINUE READING