Aberrant angiogenesis: The gateway to diabetic complications

  title={Aberrant angiogenesis: The gateway to diabetic complications},
  author={Sunil Kumar Kota and Lalit Kumar Meher and Sruti Jammula and Siva Krishna Kota and Surabhi Venkata Satya Krishna and Kirtikumar Dharmsibhai Modi},
  booktitle={Indian journal of endocrinology and metabolism},
Diabetes Mellitus is a metabolic cum vascular syndrome with resultant abnormalities in both micro- and macrovasculature. The adverse long-term effects of diabetes mellitus have been described to involve many organ systems. Apart from hyperglycemia, abnormalities of angiogenesis may cause or contribute toward many of the clinical manifestations of diabetes. These are implicated in the pathogenesis of vascular abnormalities of the retina, kidneys, and fetus, impaired wound healing, increased risk… CONTINUE READING

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