Aberrant DNA methylation as a diagnostic biomarker of diabetic embryopathy

  title={Aberrant DNA methylation as a diagnostic biomarker of diabetic embryopathy},
  author={Katharina V. Schulze and Amit R. Bhatt and Mahshid S Azamian and Nathan C. Sundgren and Gladys E. Zapata and Patricia P Hernandez and Karin Anneliese Fox and Jeffrey R. Kaiser and John W. Belmont and Neil A. Hanchard},
  journal={Genetics in Medicine},
PurposeMaternal diabetes is a known teratogen that can cause a wide spectrum of birth defects, collectively referred to as diabetic embryopathy (DE). However, the pathogenic mechanisms underlying DE remain uncertain and there are no definitive tests to establish the diagnosis. Here, we explore the potential of DNA methylation as a diagnostic biomarker for DE and to inform disease pathogenesis.MethodsBisulfite sequencing was used to identify gene regions with differential methylation between DE… 
Edematous severe acute malnutrition is characterized by hypomethylation of DNA
Assessment of genome-wide DNA methylation in buccal cells of SAM children finds that ESAM is characterized by hypomethylation at genes associated with disorders of nutrition and metabolism, including fatty liver and diabetes.
The Correlation between Gene Expression and DNA Methylation Levels of RAS p21 Protein Activator 3 (RASA3) Gene in Saudi Autistic Children
It remains an open question whether these dysregulations of RASA3 expression could be a biomarker for early screening/detection of some cases which may also suggest a role for RasGAPs in autistic brain function.
Epigenetics and Mechanobiology in Heart Development and Congenital Heart Disease
The stages of human heart development and the heart defects known to manifest at each stage are described and the distinct and overlapping roles of epigenetics and mechanobiology in normal development and in the pathogenesis of CHD are discussed.
A CpG Methylation Signature as a Potential Marker for Early Diagnosis of Hepatocellular Carcinoma From HBV-Related Liver Disease Using Multiplex Bisulfite Sequencing
The authors' model based on the six-CpG-scorer was a reliable diagnosis tool for early HCC from HBVLD and can realize large-scale detection of CpG sites in clinical diagnosis of early H CC and benefit the majority of patients.


Mosaic Epigenetic Dysregulation of Ectodermal Cells in Autism Spectrum Disorder
It is concluded that epigenetic dysregulation occurring in gametes or early embryonic life may be one of the contributors to the development of ASD.
NSD1 mutations generate a genome-wide DNA methylation signature
It is proposed that pathogenic NSD1 mutations have a genome-wide impact on the most stable epigenetic mark, DNA methylation (DNAm), and by interrogating DNAm in SS patients, this work identifies a highly specific and sensitive NSD 1+/− signature, which encompasses genes that function in cellular morphogenesis and neuronal differentiation, reflecting cardinal features of the SS phenotype.
Epigenetic signatures of gestational diabetes mellitus on cord blood methylation
An association between maternal GDM and the epigenetic status of the exposed offspring is supported, consistent with a multifactorial disease model, and the observed FCB methylation changes are of small effect size but affect multiple genes/loci.
Gestational diabetes mellitus epigenetically affects genes predominantly involved in metabolic diseases
It is suggested that GDM has epigenetic effects on genes preferentially involved in the metabolic diseases pathway, with consequences on fetal growth and development, and supportive evidence that DNA methylation is involved in fetal metabolic programming is provided.
DNA methylation as a predictor of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder
Findings further support the association of FASD with distinct DNA methylation patterns, while providing a possible entry point towards the development of epigenetic biomarkers of FasD.
Exposure to Maternal Diabetes in Utero and DNA Methylation Patterns in the Offspring.
Increased methylation of PYGO1 and CLN8 may be biological links between intrauterine exposure to maternal diabetes and significantly increased VCAM-1 levels in the offspring, and the UPS was identified as the most enriched biological pathway.
Maternal gestational diabetes is associated with genome-wide DNA methylation variation in placenta and cord blood of exposed offspring.
Replication studies should integrate genomics and transcriptomics with longitudinal sampling to elucidate stability, determine causality for translation into biomarker and prevention studies, and integrateGenetic variation in foetal tissue may have a mechanistic role in metabolic disease programming through interaction of the pregnancy environment with gene function.
Mutations specific to the Rac-GEF domain of TRIO cause intellectual disability and microcephaly
This study describes an inherited global developmental delay phenotype associated with a frameshift deletion in TRIO, a gene recently implicated in neurodevelopmental delay, and functionally validate the importance of the GEF domain in Trio protein function.