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Abelian solutions of the KP equation

  title={Abelian solutions of the KP equation},
  author={I.Krichever and T.Shiota},
We introduce the notion of abelian solutions of KP equations and show that all of them are algebro-geometric. 




A printing blanket and method of making same is provided wherein such blanket comprises a base structure, a surface layer made of a fluorocarbon elastomer, and a binder layer comprised of a

A criterion for Jacobi varieties

is a (2: 1) map onto its image, the Kummer-Wirtinger variety KW(X) associated with X. The following is well-known (cf. [6]; cf. also [10]): Assume that X is the polarized jacobian of a smooth curve

Characterization of Jacobian varieties in terms of soliton equations

Pour Ω dans le demi-espace superieur de Siegel h g , soit X=C g /(Z g +ΩZ g ) la variete abelienne principalement polarisee correspondante et soit θ(Z)=θ(Z,Ω)=∑ m e Z gexp(2Πi t mz+πi t mΩm) la

A characterization of Prym varieties

We prove that Prym varieties of algebraic curves with two smooth fixed points of involution are exactly the indecomposable principally polarized abelian varieties whose

Hitchin Systems - symplectic maps and two-dimensional version

The aim of this paper is two fold. First, we define symplectic maps between Hitchin systems related to holomorphic bundles of different degrees. It allows to construct the Bäcklund transformations in

Characterizing Jacobians via trisecants of the Kummer variety

We prove Welters' trisecant conjecture: an indecomposable principally polarized abelian variety X is the Jacobian of a curve if and only if there exists a trisecant of its Kummer variety K(X).

Integrable linear equations and the Riemann-Schottky problem

We prove that an indecomposable principally polarized abelian variety X is the Jacobain of a curve if and only if there exist vectors U ≠ 0, V such that the roots x i(y) of the theta-functional