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Abelian Action for Quark Confinement: A Direct Evaluation

  title={Abelian Action for Quark Confinement: A Direct Evaluation},
  author={Ken Yee},
  • Ken Yee
  • Published 1994
  • Physics
  • We evaluate S_{APQCD}, the Abelian projection QCD(APQCD) action nonperturbatively on the lattice. For SU(2), we find S_{APQCD} at strong coupling is essentially the compact QED(CQED) action. At weaker coupling, we find S_{APQCD} mutates: it gains additional operators, including an exogenous NEGATIVE magnetic monopole mass shift. As a corollary, since monopoles are condensed in CQED our results prove (vicariously) that SU(2) monopoles are condensed. S_{APQCD} for SU(3) has similar behavior.