Abdominal wall sarcoma: A rare tumor and surgical treatment proposed


Abdominal wall sarcoma is part of a heterogeneous group of rare malignant neoplastic conditions with differentiated morphological patterns and originating from mesenchymal tissues. Soft tissue sarcomas are more prevalent in the lower and upper limbs and retroperitoneum but rarely occurring on the abdominal wall. This case corresponds to a 46-year-old patient, without associated comorbidities, complaining of painless swelling in the right flank with onset occurring 2 months previously. The computed tomography (CT) scan revealed a solid tumor on the abdominal wall of the flank measuring 10 x 12 cm, and the biopsy of the mass identified: highgrade myxoid sarcoma. The patient underwent surgical resection of most of the lateral abdominal wall with closure of the defect using polypropylene mesh, evolving satisfactorily in the postoperative period, and remains under follow-up for three years without local recurrence or metastases. Correspondence to: Professor Roriz-Silva R, MSc, MD, Professor of general and Digestive Surgery, Federal University of Rondonia, Division of General Surgery, Hospital de Base, Porto Velho City, Brazil, Tel/Fax: 55 (69) 32165446, E-mail: roriz-silva@unir.br

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