Abdominal muscle strength in patients with tetraplegia.

  title={Abdominal muscle strength in patients with tetraplegia.},
  author={Marc Estenne and Christophe Pinet and Andr{\'e} De Troyer},
  journal={American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine},
  volume={161 3 Pt 1},
The abdominal muscles are completely paralyzed after traumatic transection of the cervical cord. To assess the residual pressure-generating capacity of these muscles, we first measured the changes in gastric pressure (DeltaPga) during paired bilateral stimulation of the lower thoracic nerve roots in eight chronic patients with C5-C7 tetraplegia and eight matched unaffected subjects in the seated posture. Stimulations were applied with a 90-mm circular magnetic coil positioned at the level of… CONTINUE READING