Abdominal Impalement Injury: A Case Report

  title={Abdominal Impalement Injury: A Case Report},
  author={V. Kok and Teh-Kuang Wang and Diosdado Co Ting Keh and Cheng-Chung Wang and Yi-Chung Hwang},
An unusual case of an abdominal penetrating injury by a chisel is presented. A 54-year-old man who was working as a carpenter fell from a 10m-high-asbestos foof. He suffered impalement through the right upper quadrant of the abdomen to the left buttock while falling. He was brought to the emergency room and sent surgaery. The chisel was removed after exploration for organ and great vessel injuries. The patient was discharged from hospital with temporary colostomy on the 15th day after the… CONTINUE READING