Ab initiostudy of theGaAs(001)−In(4×2)surface

  title={Ab initiostudy of theGaAs(001)−In(4×2)surface},
  author={R H Miwa and Ronei Miotto and Armando Corbani Ferraz and Gyaneshwar P. Srivastava},
In this work we have performed an ab initio theoretical study of the In-covered GaAs(001) surface. Our total-energy calculations indicate that for an In ``rich'' environment, with a coverage of 0.75 monolayer, the $\ensuremath{\zeta}(4\ifmmode\times\else\texttimes\fi{}2)$ model represents the energetically most stable structure. The $\ensuremath{\beta}2(4\ifmmode\times\else\texttimes\fi{}2)$ model is dismissed based upon energetic analysis and theoretical scanning tunneling microscopy (STM… CONTINUE READING