Ab initio study of ternary complexes X:(HCNH)(+):Z with X, Z = NCH, CNH, FH, ClH, and FCl: diminutive cooperative effects on structures, binding energies, and spin-spin coupling constants across hydrogen bonds.


Ab initio calculations have been performed on a series of complexes in which (HCNH)(+) is the proton donor and CNH, NCH, FH, ClH, and FCl (molecules X and Z) are the proton acceptors in binary complexes X:HCNH(+) and HCNH(+):Z, and ternary complexes X:HCNH(+):Z. These complexes are stabilized by C-H(+)···A and N-H(+)···A hydrogen bonds, where A is the… (More)
DOI: 10.1021/jp203576j


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