Ab initio effective interactions for sd-shell valence nucleons

  title={Ab initio effective interactions for sd-shell valence nucleons},
  author={Erkan Dikmen and Alexander Lisetskiy and Bruce R. Barrett and Pieter Maris and Andrey M. Shirokov and James P. Vary},
  • Erkan Dikmen, Alexander Lisetskiy, +3 authors James P. Vary
  • Published 2015
  • Physics
  • We perform \textit{ab initio} no-core shell-model calculations for $A=18$ and $19$ nuclei in a $4\hbar\Omega$, or $N_{\rm max}=4$, model space by using the effective JISP16 and chiral N3LO nucleon-nucleon potentials and transform the many-body effective Hamiltonians into the $0\hbar\Omega$ model space to construct the $A$-body effective Hamiltonians in the $sd$-shell. We separate the $A$-body effective Hamiltonians with $A=18$ and $A=19$ into inert core, one-, and two-body components. Then, we… CONTINUE READING

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