Ab initio calculations of the linear and nonlinear susceptibilities of N2 , O2 , and air in midinfrared laser pulses

  title={Ab initio
 calculations of the linear and nonlinear susceptibilities of 
, and air in midinfrared laser pulses},
  author={Jeffrey M. Brown and Arnaud Couairon and Mette B. Gaarde},
  journal={Physical Review A},
We present first-principles calculations of the linear and nonlinear susceptibilities of N$_2$, O$_2$, and air in the mid-infrared wavelength regime, from $1-4$ $\mu$m. We extract the frequency-dependent susceptibilities from the full time-dependent dipole moment that is calculated using time-dependent density functional theory. We find good agreement with curves derived from experimental results for the linear susceptibility, and with measurements for the nonlinear susceptibility up to 2.4… 
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Russian Science Foundation [18-12-00422]; National Key Research and Development Program [2018YFB0504400]; 111 Project [B16027]; U.S. AFOSR under MURI [FA9550-16-1-0013]



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