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Ab initio Yb$_2$ ground state potential revisited

  title={Ab initio Yb\$\_2\$ ground state potential revisited},
  author={Giorgio Visentin and Alexei A. Buchachenko and Paweł Tecmer},
Precision of the photoassociation spectroscopy of Yb dimer in degenerate gases is enough to improve the constraints on the new short-range gravity-like forces if the theoretical knowledge of interatomic potentials and non-Born-Oppenheimer interactions is refined [M. Borkowski et al. Sci. Rep. A 9, 14807 (2019)]. The ground-state interaction potential of ytterbium dimer is investigated at eXact 2-component core-correlated CCSD(T) level of ab initio theory in the complete basis set limit with… Expand

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