Ab initio Prediction of Martensitic and Intermartensitic Phase Boundaries in Ni-Mn-Ga.


Despite the importance of martensitic transformations of Ni-Mn-Ga Heusler alloys for their magnetocaloric and shape-memory properties, the martensitic part of their phase diagrams is not well determined. Using an ab initio approach that includes the interplay of lattice and vibrational degrees of freedom we identify an intermartensitic transformation between a modulated and a nonmodulated phase as a function of excess Ni and Mn content. Based on an evaluation of the theoretical findings and experimental x-ray diffraction data for Mn-rich alloys, we are able to predict the phase diagram for Ni-rich alloys. In contrast to other mechanisms discussed for various material systems in the literature, we herewith show that the intermartensitic transformation can be understood solely using thermodynamic concepts.

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.116.025503

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@article{Dutta2016AbIP, title={Ab initio Prediction of Martensitic and Intermartensitic Phase Boundaries in Ni-Mn-Ga.}, author={B. Dutta and Altan Çakır and Carlotta Giacobbe and Ali Al-Zubi and Tilmann Hickel and Mehmet Acet and J. Neugebauer}, journal={Physical review letters}, year={2016}, volume={116 2}, pages={025503} }