AVE: automated home video editing


In this paper, we present a system that automates home video editing. This system automatically extracts a set of highlight segments from a set of raw home videos and aligns them with user supplied incidental music based on the content of the video and incidental music. We developed an approach for extracting temporal structure and determining the importance of a video segment in order to facilitate the selection of highlight segments. Additionally we extract temporal structure, beats and tempos from the incidental music. In order to create more professional-looking results, the selected highlight segments satisfy a set of editing rules and are matched to the content of the incidental music. This task is formulated as a non-linear 0-1 programming problem and the rules are embedded as constraints. The output video is rendered by connecting the selected highlight video segments with transition effects and the incidental music.

DOI: 10.1145/957013.957121

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