AVA Biochem: commercialising renewable platform chemical 5-HMF

  title={AVA Biochem: commercialising renewable platform chemical 5-HMF},
  author={Thomas Kl{\"a}usli},
  journal={Green Processing and Synthesis},
  pages={235 - 236}
  • Thomas Kläusli
  • Published 1 June 2014
  • Chemistry
  • Green Processing and Synthesis
Within the bio-based chemical and plastic industries – and downstream with brand owners – there is excitement about renewable platform chemicals such as levulinic acid, lactic acid or biosuccinic acid. These chemicals offer an alternative to petro-based chemicals and will help open up a wide range of potential applications. Renewable platform chemicals can be used in a large range of downstream applications and have the potential to open up and help decarbonise new markets. AVA Biochem is… 

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Production route for bio-based 5-HMF

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  • 2013